LOCALA, the Commerce Media Platform

Leverage commerce data to deliver smarter business outcomes

Locala is a media platform leveraging commerce data to deliver smarter business outcomes, from brand awareness to in-store and website traffic. Our proprietary technology meets the highest user privacy standards in the industry.  

Our technology fueled by location data and machine learning AI allows us to go beyond geotargeting by defining customized media strategies to deliver the highest return on Ad Spend for our clients. 

  • LocalAudience-Understanding audiences at a national and hyperlocal level

Our technology leverages Mobility, Intent and Purchase data to identify the most valuable customers in catchment areas with the highest business potential. We are able to segment different types of audiences including your exclusive shoppers, switchers (consumers frequently switching between your brand and your competitor’s) and most valuable prospects.

  • LocalActivation-recommending and delivering customized media strategies

Our omnichannel platform helps brands plan, activate and optimize media campaigns at every stage of the consumer journey and across every digital channel (DOOH, CTV, Video, Audio, or Display). 

  • LocalAnalytics and LocalAttribution- Learning from insights and Measuring results

We provide in-depth performance and brand insights for better informed, actionable marketing and business decisions. With 10 years of experience in understanding consumer data and insights, we help brands make smarter business decisions.

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