My love, hate,
and run relationship
with ChatGPT.

Erik Eklund

This reminds me of men screaming about the satisfyer replacing them, making them feel useless.

And some women, satisfyingly, feeling independent from men for pure pleasure.

Or, like the heartbroken and lonely who turn to a dog, or a cat, for companionship instead of a human partner, as they are more reliable.

Oh humans, we are so noble and ignorant many times.

Chat GPT is a lovely tool, making i.e. writing and idea creation effortless.

And this is where my love ends.

Instead of using our mind, heart, and intuition to come up with beautiful ways of expressing ourselves, we scribble a couple of basic lines, ask for an update, and voila, we sound like colorful and vibrant artist in an instant.

Instead of being creative and building resourcefulness, we ask, and we receive, again in an instant.

Easy, life becomes so easy that it kills human creativity, human expression, and human connection.

And here’s where I run with it, when used mindfully, as a tool, not a replacement, let me repeat – a tool, NOT a replacement it’s wonderful.

Just as the satisfyer can be used as a tool to enrich lives and enhance pleasure, it cannot replace human connection.

Neither can the dog or the cat.


Be mindful, stay mindful, remain human.